Most of the successful people in the world today have one thing in common, they started from the ground with nothing, it involved making hard choices and sacrifice.  Kenyan nurses of MN is an organization dedicated to caring services, but this is only the tip of the iceberg; there is a great need for our services and we should be in the frontline because we have the knowledge and the tools needed to accomplish the task.  We cannot ignore what is happening inside our homes and in the communities, we are losing lives that can be saved or protected. We are humbly calling upon all nurses living in Minnesota to rise up above our own cultural, political, and religious differences and join together to save our future generation.  Here in Minnesota we are known as people of resilience! Join the team today where caring is our calling.

Who We Are

Kenyan nurses of MN is a non-profit organization. We are a group of Kenyan professional nurses based in the great State of Minnesota. Our main purpose is to advocate for life, and to provide caring services to the poorest people of Kenya. We plan to have medical missions, health campaigns and health teaching seminars to accomplish our goals. 

Mission Statement

To provide preventative care to individuals and families in the underserved communities of Kenya. Through screening, assessing, and education; as a way of giving back to our community.


Caring for life

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Compassion/kindness

Our Goals

  • To organize Screening campaigns, which will identify individuals with unrecognized health risk factors or asymptomatic disease conditions.

  • To provide education, many lives are lost due to lack of knowledge, we will bring facts, new ideas and skills that change knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices of the community.

  • To provide evidence based practice

  • To provide reliable resources on how to access care

  • To provide mentorship and support to all members as potential leaders of the community

  • To partner with other organizations that share our vision to enhance development 

  • To advocate for lives, with a focus on developing the individual or family’s capacity to plead their own cause or act on their own behalf.

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